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Maximizing independence and autonomy with
easy-living home environments

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  A unique company.
  Bringing you over 30 years of experience in residential access design   
  and specifications, combined with a medical background in
  occupational therapy, a very holistic approach assures that your home
  is customized to support all of your needs and goals, while addressing 
  aesthetics, resale value, and much more.

Customized Access Design & Specifications for
  • Home Improvements
  • Additions
  • Garage Conversions
  • New Home Projects
  • Home Purchases

•   Access Design  •   Scaled Drawings  •   Product Specifications   •
•   Scope of Work   •   Project Involvement  •

Scaled Drawings
Custom Design for Access Improvements
Custom Product, Materials
& Fixture Specifications

Custom design based on a very holistic assessment of skills, abilities, needs, other's needs, while still addressing aesthetics and resale value.

Close consideration of all details and measurements of any given product to determine the most appropriate mainstream, unique, and hard-to-find products, fixtures or materials that meet one's specific need.

Scaled drawings to determine the most effective design configuration for all and in consideration of any current or potential future equipment.

Scope of Work
New Home Blueprint Reviews & Collaboration
Custom Product Design & Modificaton Design

An all-important scope of work is documented for the assembly of comparable bids. Bid reviews as well.

Blueprint reviews and close collaboration with the architect and contractor for new accessible home design and specifications.

Design of new products or modifications of existing items to maximize one's independence, and ease of daily tasks.

Consultation for the Purchase of an     
Accessible Home
Lifetime Home Needs Assessments for
Attorneys & Life Care Planners
Custom Furniture Design

Review of any homes under consideration for purchase to discuss probable improvements necessary per home and potential costs.

Design of furniture to suit one's very specific functional needs.

Assessments and extensive reports outlining current and future home access needs through-out one's lifetime. From small products, to specialty equipment, to home improve-ments, apartments, or new home, and other home related needs.

Consultation to Property Managers & Reasonable Accommodation Requests

Evaluation of tenants needs and recommendations for most cost-effective,  while functionally effective, modifications for the individual.

Community resources and collaboration ranging from information resources, life care planners, electrical or mechanical engineers, new and used equipment, and potential funding sources.

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