Details that make the difference.
Our Services
Maximizing independence with
easy-living home environments
Services for home improvements, additions, garage conversions
  • Assessment of skills, abilities, need and goals (in-home, in-rehab or other facility)
  • Assessment of the home
  • Review of existing and potential future durable medical and other equipment
  • Inclusion of the needs of other houshold members, aesthetics ,and resale value
  • Review of product options - from mainstream to unique and hard-to-find items
  • Rough schematics of proposed modifications to the home
  • Scaled drawings
  • Product, fixture, and materials discussions and final selections
  • Scope of work for comparable bids
  • Review of bids
  • Meeting with you and contractor before project begins
  • On-site visits and involvement throughout project
  • Assistance with procurement of items
  • Follow up visit and availability

Additional Services
  • Assessment of homes being considered for purchase
  • Blueprint reviews
  • Collaboration on new home construction
  • Assistance with life care plans
  • Community resources
  • Custom product design